Enjoying, swimming, dancing and a good mood demand some equally good food. 
Delicious and creative dishes, prepared with the freshest ingredients only.  Served surrounded by azure water, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Pelješac peninsula. Shall we order?

Hungry for Moro?

Enjoying the summer at Moro means tasting delicious and creative food, prepared with the freshest ingredients only. 

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You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach

We see Stupe as a piece of paradise. Our mission is to combine the finest of local, origin-inspired approach to cooking with a vision bringing all the freshness of the ingredients. 

Delicious, creative, prepared with the freshest ingredients only. 

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We enjoy cooking with the freshest ingredients only, celebrating the ingenuity of the traditional style and playing with fine, modern approach. 

The feeling of absolute relaxation pairs well with a glass of wine, so we will be happy to guide you through the world of finest local wines. And through some bubbles and cocktails, too.  

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